"21st Century Portable Beer Pong"
 20.4 Million College Students in 2017. 
Beer commercials in NFL. 
Mass Appeal. 
Time Saver.
Resourceful Alternative.

Putting Smiles On Tailgaters WorldWide 
Here's What Other People Are Saying:
 Got our wristbands!! :)
Can't wait to order TravelPong for next years football season!
 Thanks for our shirts!
- Mark 
Beer Pong will never be the same! Will over night sit to be first in line to buy.  
- Sarah 
Only $42.99.
#1 Drinking Game in America.
Impress at your next 2018 NFL Tailgate Party
Why TravelPong?
  •  Use on Truck Side Railings
  •  Use on Chairs
  •  Use on Sofas
  •  Use on Clamp-able Surfaces 
  •  Use at NFL Tailgaters
  •  Use at BBQ Events
  •  Use at College Dorms
  •  Use at Frat Parties
  •  Use at Fishing Trips

  •  Lightweight Durable Frame w/Mesh Netting.
  •  Weighs 4-5x less than every other table. 
  •  Telescoping-Adjustable Universal Clamp
  •  Allows for Quick, Easy and Safe Installation 
  •  Swivels for Convenient Packaging and Storage
 21st Century Style
  •  Ultimate Convenience 
  •  Extremely Lightweight 
  •  Cost Effective
  •  Easy Storage 
  • Multi-Purpose
  •  Time Saver
  •   No More Wait List
  •  No Headaches 
Henry Ford Would Be Proud! 
Retail Specs
Retail: $54.99
Online Price: $42.99
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You Save: $270,000 (60%)
Today's Price: $180,000
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